Questback Survey Questionnaire

Welcome to Impact Hub's 2020 Global Impact Survey!

Please note that after this first page, our survey is available in 8 languages: Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

The survey includes questions about your work activities, impact, and membership experience. No sensitive information will be requested, all answers will be treated confidentially, and results will be aggregated. The survey is co-designed and will be analyzed independently by our global research partner, the Social Entrepreneurship Center at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. 

Please plan approximately 20 – 40 minutes to complete the survey, depending on your role & the stage of your activities.

We will raffle 2 winners, who will receive a stipend of EUR 500 each. To be considered, please leave your email address at the end of the survey.

According to European Data Protection Law (GDPR), we need your consent to collect and process your data.

Why do we collect and use your data

We conduct a survey amongst all members of local Impact Hubs on an annual basis in order to gain knowledge and insights about our member community and their work and impact, to identify common support needs or challenges, to improve our services, and to report to our partners and funders.

How to contact us

Impact Hub Company,
Lindengasse 56/18-19,
1070 Vienna, Austria
If you would like to obtain more information about the processing of your personal data, please click here